We sell paddleboards SUP!

To hire or to buyThat is the question...

The market has become swamped with dozens of different makes and designs, making it an impossible choice for anyone trying to get into the sport.

"No one starting out in paddleboarding needs to spend £7,8,900 plus on a big name brand". Iain Robertson - Founder Sandbanks Paddleboard Hire

With over 35 years experience in watersports, we know what decent kit looks like. So, when we were approached by the guys at Cold West about teaming up and using their boards, we were immediately excited; they're a local company (reduced carbon footprint), with similar values (provide a quality service at an affordable price).

About the boards.

All the boards come with a 12 month warranty and are designed to stand up to pretty much anything the British weather can throw at them.

Made in a heavy duty, drop stitch, PVC construction with UV protection, the boards pump up to rock hard 23 psi for performance that rivals a hard board (although 15-20psi will suffice for everyday use).

We have two board designs, but both are classed as "all rounders". Customers are provided with a board that can be used for every occasion, but both individual designs have their own hidden talents - tell us where you want to go with your paddleboarding and we'll steer towards the right board for you. Both board designs are long enough for distance touring, but also compact enough to allow performance in small waves, making them the perfect boards for a much broader spectrum of conditions.


What's in the bag?

One quality, well-designed board, detachable fin, high pressure pump, including pressure gauge, Repair kit, handy back pack 14” x 18” x 34”, 3 piece light weight aluminium paddle.


We offer great advice, at no cost.

Why not hire a board, then have most of the cost of the hire deducted should you choose to buy it? No-brainer. Contact us here.